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Lee Tonouchi: Pidgin Poet

Local author and pidgin advocate Lee Tonouchi has a new book out, Significant Moments in da Life of Oriental Faddah and Son. We caught up with him to find out more.
2012.01.10 09:00 AM

Rap: Hawaii’s Comic Genius

Famed Hawaii comedian Rap Reiplinger passed away 30 years ago, but his memory lives on through this new DVD.
2012.01.09 09:00 AM

Andrew Rose Gallery

Bringing Art to Bishop Street: Fine art may be Hawaii's newest export.
2012.01.05 09:00 PM

Water-Powered Jet Packs in Hawaii Kai

The Future Has Landed: Water-powered jet packs let you fly above the sea.
2012.01.04 01:00 PM

7th Annual Photo Contest Winner

Here's the winner to HONOLULU Magazine's 7th Annual Photo Contest.
2012.01.04 09:00 AM

Things to Do in January in Hawaii

This month, feed a dancing Chinese lion, root for a hole-in-one and commemorate King’s dream.
2012.01.03 09:00 AM

Historic Photo of Shirley Temple and Duke Kahanamoku

Lei Days!: This month is the last opportunity to see this and other historic celebrity photos, on display at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel.
2011.12.15 08:30 AM

Hawaii Surfers Surfing Past 60

Silver Surfers: Meet five surf legends who, in their 60s and 70s, still hit the beach.
2011.12.12 12:30 AM

Field Guide: Monsarrat Avenue

We strolled down this popular Diamond Head street to revisit old favorites and discover new spots.
2011.12.08 09:00 AM

From Our Files

The December archives from our files of Paradise of the Pacific and HONOLULU Magazine.
2011.12.06 09:00 AM

Guinness World Records in Hawaii

We’re the greatest in the world! Even Guinness says so.
2011.12.05 09:00 AM

Creative Coffee Shop R&D Opens in Kakaako

The Idea Factory: R&D isn’t just a coffee shop—this new Kakaako space aims to inspire.
2011.12.02 05:00 AM