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Guinness World Records in Hawaii

We’re the greatest in the world! Even Guinness says so.
2011.12.05 09:00 AM

Creative Coffee Shop R&D Opens in Kakaako

The Idea Factory: R&D isn’t just a coffee shop—this new Kakaako space aims to inspire.
2011.12.02 05:00 AM

Things to Do in December in Hawaii

This month, see the bright lights, fly like an eagle and crack some nuts.
2011.12.01 09:00 AM

Afterthoughts: In Praise of the Red Cup

It’s more than a party essential, it’s a symbol of civic compromise.
2011.11.29 05:00 AM

From Our Files

The November archives from our files of Paradise of the Pacific and HONOLULU Magazine.
2011.11.28 09:00 AM

CD Reviews: Raiatea Helm and The Green

Music reviews of Raiatea Helm and The Green.
2011.11.21 08:00 AM

Photo Essay: Everyday Life in 20th Century Honolulu

This is how we lived in 20th century Honolulu.
2011.11.18 06:05 AM

The Most Popular Names for Hawaii Babies Born in 2010

Here's a list of the most popular names for Hawaii babies born in 2010, according to the Social Security Administration.
2011.11.15 09:00 AM

Field Guide: Bringing Down the House

Looking for a different karaoke experience? Head to one of these six spots on your next night out.
2011.11.14 09:00 AM

Realist Art at Windward Community College

Realism Rises: For a growing number of local Honolulu artists, the most exciting painting techniques are the oldest ones.
2011.11.08 08:00 AM

The Opihi Shellfish Story

What’s going on underneath those shells? From gastronomy to conservation to evolutionary biology, we pry the secrets out of these little limpets.
2011.11.07 08:00 AM

An Open Letter to APEC Attendees

Welcome, APEC attendees!
2011.11.04 08:00 AM