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Promotion: Staycations

With Waikiki right at your doorstep, why go elsewhere for a getaway? Whether you’re seeking a rejuvenating retreat or a family adventure, there’s a perfect kamaaina staycation for you. Find your place in the sun here.
2013.09.03 09:28 AM

13 Green-Living Myths, Shattered

2013.07.10 11:30 AM

Retirement: Planning & Living

Retirement can be the beginning of the best years of your life—but you’ll need a good plan. Use these tips from local experts to start your journey.
2013.05.07 06:00 AM

Gourmet Style

Ingredients for the perfect backyard barbecue: top-of-the-line tools, island-inspired accessories, delicious dishes and great company. Here’s how to get the party started.
2013.05.06 11:34 AM

Destination Kailua

Explore the shops, restaurants, schools and businesses that make Kailua an alluring piece of paradise.
2013.04.08 06:00 AM

Beauty within Reach

2013.04.02 06:00 AM

Staycation: 4 Great Ways to Stay and Play

Look no further than your own backyard to plan your next vacation. Whether you’re after family fun or a romantic getaway, your trip begins right here in the Aloha State. Check out these great ideas and stay and play the island way.
2012.08.13 11:36 AM

Living the Green Life in Honolulu

Here are 16 forward-thinking Hawaii businesses ready to help you make the switch, away from fossil fuels and into a renewable future.
2012.07.06 09:43 AM

Retirement Planning and Living

Readying yourself for retirement can be a trying process. Start early, gain insight from family and friends, and look for a place where you can enjoy your golden years. Use these tips from local experts to make a plan and start your journey.
2012.05.10 12:56 PM

Beauty Within Reach

Sunspots ruining that once radiant skin? Workouts won’t banish that belly fat? Relax. These modern, non-invasive procedures can conquer any aesthetic issue. Local experts share the details on their top accessible innovations to smooth away wrinkles, diminish problem areas, and make you feel more confident and beautiful than ever before.
2012.04.24 10:33 AM

Three Perfect Days in Kailua

Kailua’s unique local businesses, scenic beauty, soft-sand beaches and friendly faces make it a place where residents and visitors alike can experience some of the most perfect days on Oahu.
2012.04.23 04:47 PM

HRA: Past Inductees

Read about the accomplishments of those previously honored by the Hawaii Restaurant Association.
2009.10.02 07:55 PM