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Unconventional Churches in Hawaii

Holy Hot Spots: Churches aren’t all steeples and stained-glass windows anymore. From arcades to strip malls, check out these five unconventional worship spots around Oahu.
2012.08.06 09:11 AM

Things to Do in August in Hawaii

The last month of summer is jam-packed with latte art, s’mores and indie rock.
2012.08.03 08:58 AM

From Our Files

The July 2012 archives from our files of Paradise of the Pacific and HONOLULU Magazine.
2012.07.20 09:59 AM

Kikaida: Hawaii's Favorite Superhero

After all these years, Hawaii’s favorite superhero is still kicking monster tail and inspiring local fans.
2012.07.12 06:00 AM

Field Guide: Honolulu Behind Bars

A quick guide to where you don’t want to be.
2012.07.09 06:00 AM

Surfing the Supsquatch in Makaha

The C4 Supsquatch Inflatable Raft is a whale of a paddleboard.
2012.07.07 06:00 AM

First Friday Chaos in Chinatown

Party Foul: Celebration of the arts, or party overload—has First Friday become a monster?
2012.07.05 11:10 AM

I Am a Roller Derby Girl in Honolulu

Injuries, drama, dedication, victory—associate editor Tiffany Hill laced up her skates to rumble in Honolulu’s fast-growing sport.
2012.07.03 06:00 AM

Things to Do in July in Hawaii

July is as diverse as the island itself, with big hit concerts, kimchee appreciation and beloved musicals.
2012.07.02 06:00 AM

Honolulu Books: History and Hiking Trails

Town and Country: These two books highlight the history of our city and our hiking trails.
2012.06.19 06:00 AM

From Our Files

The June 2012 archives from our files of Paradise of the Pacific and HONOLULU Magazine.
2012.06.15 06:00 AM

Rock Climbing on Oahu

Rocking Out on Oahu: From 85-foot walls to epic arches, local rock climbers have plenty of routes to choose from.
2012.06.11 06:00 AM