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Sponsored Edition: Give Thanks, Get Deals!

2009.11.24 10:55 AM

The First Plate Lunch? An excerpt from "Kau Kau: Cuisine & Culture in the Hawaiian Islands"

In Kau Kau: Cuisine & Culture in the Hawaiian Islands, Hiura reveals the unexpected birthplace of the plate lunch: Honolulu harbor.
2009.11.04 03:45 PM

The Funniest People in Hawai‘i

It takes one to know one, so we asked award-winning comedy writer Charles Memminger to choose the most hilarious comedians the Islands have produced.
2009.11.02 07:12 PM

HIFF Me With Your Best Shot

2009.10.16 08:24 AM

Sponsored Edition: Oh What A Night!

2009.09.04 11:24 AM

Sponsored Edition: The Party of the (Half) Century!

2009.08.12 12:29 PM

Made in Makaha

In his latest book, Stuart Coleman profiles Makaha, as seen through its most famous inhabitants.
2009.07.24 07:14 PM

Editor's Page: Our 50 Moments

This state has gone through a lot in its young life.
2009.07.24 04:19 PM

Sound Advice

2009.07.17 10:14 AM

Sponsored Edition: The New Girls Network

2009.07.09 08:00 AM

On the Other Hand

Here are six uplifting news stories in Hawaii that have been buried under all the negativity.
2009.07.01 02:57 PM

Web Exclusive: Arts Panel Discussion

The audio aired March 29, 2009 from the public arts roundtable discussion.
2009.04.27 06:49 PM