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Things to Do in October in Hawaii

October is a patchwork of cultural events. This month, hear a good story, learn how to fish, get super scared, watch aerial acrobats and drink kava.
2012.10.02 12:36 PM

Honolulu Teacher Becomes YouTube Sensation

History Remixed: Local teacher becomes YouTube sensation.
2012.09.28 09:34 AM

Slackline Practice at Aweoweo Beach Park

Oh, the Suspense: Slackline enthusiast Joe Segal keeps his balance at Aweoweo Beach Park.
2012.09.24 11:34 AM

Fall Book Recommendations for Honolulu Residents

These are the book recommendations for A Shark Going Inland Is My Chief by Patrick Vinton Kirch and We Go Jam by the Hawaii Council for the Humanities in our September 2012 issue.
2012.09.20 11:39 AM

The 25 Greatest Hawaii Albums of the New Century

Here are HONOLULU Magazine's 25 Greatest Hawaii Albums of the New Century.
2012.09.18 10:32 AM

Live Hawaiian Music Around Honolulu

Hana Hou!: You may have to rub elbows with tourists, but it’s worth it, once the Brothers Caz, Ledward Kaapana or Paula Fuga come on stage. Here’s where to hear live Hawaiian music every night, and not just in town.
2012.09.04 02:05 PM

From Our Files

The September 2012 archives from our files of Paradise of the Pacific and HONOLULU Magazine.
2012.09.04 12:09 PM

Things to Do in September in Hawaii

Enjoy your first month of fall with festivals, fashion and Frankenstein.
2012.09.02 09:17 AM

From Our Files

The August 2012 archives from our files of Paradise of the Pacific and HONOLULU Magazine.
2012.08.26 09:44 AM

Pow Wow Hawaii Mural in Kakaako

Larger Than Life: The Pow Wow Hawaii art event happened back in February in the Kakaako neighborhood.
2012.08.23 10:29 AM

Summer Reads in Honolulu

Four focused tomes on music, beaches and ... bananas?
2012.08.14 09:13 AM

Hiking the Koolau Mountains

Koolau Conquerer: One man, one backpack, one mountain: Chase Norton recently hiked the entire summit in one go.
2012.08.07 09:09 AM