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Happy New Gear!

Take on 2012 in style with fashion resolutions inspired by the season’s top trends.
2012.01.03 09:00 AM

Winter Fashion Trend: '60s A-Line Dresses

In Mod We Trust: One of winter’s farout catwalk trends, the ’60s, is making a groovy go-around with A-line dresses and candy-colored accessories.
2011.12.16 09:00 AM

Hawaii Hats for Sunny, Winter Weather

Heads Up: When it comes to must-have fall accessories, retro-inspired felt toppers are head and shoulders above the rest.
2011.12.15 08:30 AM

Winter Fashion Trend: Leopard Print

The Wild Bunch: This season, pounce on the new neutral in town.
2011.12.14 08:30 AM

Jonathan Adler Chairs Arrive at Fishcake

Take A Seat: Jonathan Adler chairs arrive at Fishcake.
2011.12.13 09:00 AM

Levi's Commuter Series in Hawaii

Spin Cycle: Levi’s’ cyclist-minded Commuter Series hits Hawaii’s shores.
2011.12.12 08:30 AM

Winter's of-the-moment Trends, Honolulu

In the Mix: Dare to double up on winter’s of-the-moment trends. Menswear-inspired pieces pair nicely with bold graphic prints for a look that’s two-cool.
2011.12.09 04:00 AM

Noteworthy's Pocket Tees

Shirting the Issue: Snap up Noteworthy’s strikingly simple pocket tees.
2011.12.08 09:00 AM

Stylish Party Accessories

Ready, Fête, Go!: Stylish party accessories for the season of entertaining.
2011.12.07 09:00 AM

Hawaii Jewelry That's Edgy

Local designers get down to the pretty-gritty with a new crop of edgy-chic pieces.
2011.12.06 05:00 AM

Designer on the Rise: Wishing Bridge

Meet the creative force behind local jewelry line Wishing Bridge.
2011.12.02 09:00 AM

Get the Rocker Chic Look

Go for the bold in the season’s striking, rocker chic pieces offset by playful accessories in eye-popping electric hues.
2011.12.02 03:37 AM