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Arts & Entertainment

Friday Night at the Races

This month: Hawaii Yacht Club’s Beer Can Races
2013.02.15 11:29 AM

The new bronze statue of William Joseph Chaminade

The statue was created to honor the 250th anniversary of Chaminade's birth.
2013.02.11 06:25 AM

Things to do in February

This month is devoted to the arts.
2013.02.02 12:21 PM

Field Notes: Game Night

Field Notes explores Honolulu's vibrant and varied scenes and subcultures. This month: Fantasy Game Night at Ward Warehouse.
2013.01.14 03:09 PM

Charley Memminger on his new book Aloha, Lady Blue

A local writer pens a new tropical thriller mystery series for the Islands.
2013.01.13 02:28 PM

The Honolulu Museum of Art's Colorful Renovation

New Art: The Honolulu Museum of Art finishes a dramatic, colorful renovation.
2013.01.11 09:50 AM

From Our Files: Fashion

January Archives
2013.01.08 10:46 AM

Things to do in January

Start the new year with a soothing cup of tea, a couple of concerts, free museum admission and a film festival with irresistible choreography.
2013.01.04 11:10 AM

HONOLULU Magazine Photo Contest Winners

See the winners of HONOLULU Magazine's eighth annual photo contest.
2013.01.03 04:24 PM

From Our December Files

December Archives
2012.12.23 11:56 AM

Inside the 2012 Kava Festival

This month Field Notes explores the 2012 Kava Festival.
2012.12.20 10:21 AM

The Everything Guide to Surfing

Here's how Hawaii surfs now.
2012.12.18 02:02 PM