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That's the Spirit

2010.10.29 09:56 AM

All Hallow's Eats

2010.10.25 10:41 AM

Grill, Baby, Grill

2010.10.22 09:01 AM

Baby Got Mac

2010.10.18 10:30 AM

Soy Wonder

2010.10.15 10:03 AM

Side Street Inn’s Colin Nishida: All I Ever Wanted Was a Bar

How Colin Nishida, owner of Side Street Inn, became the hottest restaurateur in Honolulu.
2010.10.06 04:58 PM

Tropical Grindz Healthy Shave Ice

A shop on the Windward Side, Tropical Grindz, is offering healthier versions of regular shave ice flavors, using agave nectar.
2010.10.05 04:16 PM

Two New Vegan Restaurants Just Opened in Honolulu

Loving Hut and Peace Café on South King Street offer vegan cuisine.
2010.10.05 04:10 PM

Maili Moa's Local Eggs

Maili Moa egg farm tries a new way of getting eggs onto Island tables.
2010.10.05 03:33 PM

Stop, Chop and Roll

2010.09.27 05:08 PM

Sugar, Spice and Everything Ice

2010.09.24 10:29 AM

Waiter, There's a Critter in My Wine

Why did the chicken cross the road? To be featured on a wine label, of course. But what’s really behind the fad of naming wines after animals?
2010.09.07 07:21 PM