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Unsolicited Advice: Scooter Cars Must Go

ScootCoupe, we understand that you’re part scooter and part car, and we celebrate your hybrid heritage. But get off the Honolulu roads.
2012.07.16 09:15 AM

Welcome Back Ben Cayetano?

We sat down with former governor and current mayoral candidate Ben Cayetano to talk about rail, old guys and why your commute isn’t going to get any better, no matter who wins.
2012.07.09 06:00 AM

Editor's Page: Awards and Footnotes

HONOLULU Magazine celebrates, plus notes on this issue.
2012.07.02 06:00 AM

Who Are You Calling "Brah?"

Gizmodo wrote about a product to hold your beach beers steady in Honolulu and beyond.
2012.06.28 03:08 PM

Afterthoughts: Auto Anxiety

To ride or to drive in Honolulu—that is the question.
2012.06.18 09:30 AM

Unsolicited Advice for the Neil S. Blaisdell Concert Hall

Show a little more enterprise, DES, and make the Neil S. Blaisdell concert hall live up to its potential.
2012.06.14 09:11 AM

Bishop Museum Botanist Finds Undiscovered Plants in Papua New Guinea

The Plant Hunter: This Bishop Museum botanist travels the world to find undiscovered species.
2012.06.11 06:00 AM

The movie to watch tonight in Honolulu

Don't miss This is Not a Film on Friday, June 8, in the Friends of Film Friday series at the Doris Duke Theatre.
2012.06.08 12:16 PM

Honolulu's Best Architecture

Buildings define the personality of a city, even in Honolulu, where the natural environment outshines our built one. Which buildings define Honolulu?
2012.06.07 09:22 AM

Coqui Frogs Are Coming to Oahu

The Coquis Are Coming!: Shrieking, invasive, miniature frogs have overrun the Big Island. Now they want Oahu.
2012.06.05 05:00 AM

Best Doctors in Hawaii 2012

Our annual “Best Doctors” list is researched by Best Doctors in America®, which surveys physicians nationwide. We share the Hawaii doctors with our readers.
2012.06.04 11:48 AM

Editor's Page: Constructive Criticism

How we named the nine best buildings in Honolulu.
2012.06.01 09:20 AM