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Field Notes: Get Funky With Live Jazz Music at Medici’s

Field Notes explores Honolulu’s vast and varied scenes and subcultures. This month: Medici’s at Mānoa Marketplace.
2015.10.20 10:00 AM

Quote Unquote: Pam Chambers Captures Hidden Art With Her Smartphone

2015.10.16 10:00 AM

You’ll Get to Hold a Seahorse in Your Hands at This Hawai‘i Farm

A couple of aquaponic wizards are running a watery farm where they breed a most captivating, and endangered, species.
2015.10.13 10:00 AM

Shimmy and Shake at the Hawai‘i Belly Dance Convention

Learn more about the belly dance culture at various venues on Oct. 8–12.
2015.10.05 09:15 AM

Afterthoughts: Cones of Uncertainty

What we think about when we think about hurricanes.
2015.10.02 10:15 AM

Da Meter: What’s Hot and What’s Not in Honolulu

Gauging what’s hot and what’s not in Honolulu.
2015.10.02 10:00 AM

The 8 Best Things to Do in October 2015

There’s nothing scarier than missing these great events, from an extravagant costume exhibit to local music legends.
2015.10.01 10:00 AM

Don’t Miss Your Chance to See Pā‘ū Riders at the Aloha Festivals

The 69th annual Aloha Festivals will take place on Saturday, Sept. 26.
2015.09.25 10:00 AM

A Deadly Fungus Threatens to Wipe Out Native ‘Ōhi‘a on Hawai‘i Island

As if Hawai‘i’s native forests weren’t in enough danger, the ‘ōhi‘a faces a new, deadly fungal foe on a massive scale.
2015.09.22 10:00 AM

Quote Unquote: What’s Kimi Werner Doing Since Her Great White Shark Experience

A viral video of Kimi Werner’s encounter with a great white shark gave her international fame.
2015.09.11 10:00 AM

Afterthoughts: Summertime Blues

The heat, my god, the heat!
2015.09.10 10:00 AM

4 Fall Books About Hawai‘i Are Making a Splash

These books get Hawai‘i right.
2015.09.08 10:00 AM