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Reasons We Love Honolulu

Sure, we're lucky to live in Hawaii, but if you live on Oahu, there's so much more to the place than sunsets and beaches. From paiai delivered, to cool aloha wear, from Dave Shoji to gay marriage, here's why we're so fortunate to live in this city.
2013.11.19 12:22 PM

Field Notes: Beach Volleyball

Field Notes explores Honolulu’s vibrant and varied scenes and subcultures. This month: the competitive world of beach volleyball.
2013.11.15 06:00 AM

HONOLULU Magazine and Paradise of the Pacific 125 Years of Covers

We've got a new book coming out with covers spanning 125 years of our magazine's history. Here are some of our favorites.
2013.11.14 10:56 AM

Insta Life Honolulu

We asked readers to Instagram the reasons they love living in Honolulu, with the hashtag #luckywelivehonolulu. Here are our favorites.
2013.11.12 07:49 AM

How to watch the Comet ISON show

Look skyward this month—the comet of the century may be on its way.
2013.11.11 03:07 PM

Photo Essay: Life O Kai

2013.11.08 06:00 AM

'Recalling Hawaii' brings national and international hula dancers to the state

A new hula production features dancers and chanters from eight halau spanning three Hawaii islands, one West Coast state and two European countries.
2013.11.05 10:04 AM

6 People Making a Difference in Honolulu

Meet a few people making Honolulu a better place for all of us.
2013.11.04 10:40 AM

9 Things to Do in November

It’s all about the arts this fall: intricate Bollywood costumes, erotic Japanese art, a Spanish quartet and stand-up comedy.
2013.11.01 11:50 AM

Field Notes: Aloha Hawaiian Parrot Association

Field Notes explores Honolulu’s vibrant and varied scenes and subcultures. This month: the Aloha Hawaiian Parrot Association.
2013.10.14 06:00 AM

3 Methods to Deep Relaxation on Oahu

Our senior editor sampled three approaches to deep relaxation. Results were mixed.
2013.10.10 06:00 AM

Can you spot these 5 Hawaii birds in town?

You don’t have to venture deep into the forest to spot beautiful, interesting birds.
2013.10.08 06:00 AM