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Hawaii International Film Festival expands to Kauai and Big Island

This year’s 33rd annual Hawaii International Film Festival will be expanding screening to Big Island and Kauai.
2013.09.30 01:13 AM

A guide to Hawaii's best beaches for bodysurfing

Favorite body surfing beaches include Kauai, Maui and Lanai, too.
2013.09.27 02:50 PM

"History of Volcano House" walking tour shares tales of Kilauea volcano hotel

A place like the iconic Volcano House hotel is bound to have some interesting stories.
2013.09.26 03:00 AM

Top 5 favorite Hawaii waterfalls

Readers' poll results for "What’s your favorite Hawaii waterfall?"
2013.09.25 10:13 AM

Top 5 favorite Hawaii family-fun beaches

Here’s the top five countdown of favorite Hawaii beach with something for the whole family.
2013.09.24 10:21 AM

Hawaii Five-0 to launch fourth season in Waikiki with screening event

Hawaii Five-0 will kick off kick off its fourth season with a post-sunset screening event in Waikiki.
2013.09.23 03:46 PM

Hawaii heritage breed pork the main course at Cochon Island

Hawaii pork lovers (and pork lovers just visiting our Islands) unite!
2013.09.20 03:00 AM

Hawaii Island's Mauna Loa loses title of world's largest volcano

There are countless pieces of information about Hawaii’s geology that residents hold as fact.
2013.09.19 03:00 AM

Aloha Festivals 2013 hoolaulea block party, floral parade

The Aloha Festivals celebrates its 67th year this month, still one of Hawaii’s longest-running celebrations spotlighting Hawaiian culture, music, dance and history.
2013.09.18 03:00 AM

Bishop Museum to reopen renovated Pacific Hall with daylong celebration

The newly-named Pacific Hall—formerly called Polynesian Hall—houses one of the world’s best Pacific culture collections.
2013.09.17 03:00 AM

Exploring the Big Island's Pololu Valley

On your next visit to Pololu Valley Lookout, at the end of the Big Island’s northernmost highway, do the following.
2013.09.16 03:00 AM

5 must-see Oahu historic sites you haven't been to yet

It’s not uncommon to walk right past an important archaeological site on Oahu and not even know it.
2013.09.13 03:00 AM