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House of Healing for Mental Health in Hawaii

This state program offers mental healthcare in a clubhouse setting.
2013.03.12 06:00 AM

Combat Kitsch: Murphy's home to the world's best-travelled armadillo

This stuffed armadillo's not just a bar mascot; it's a decorated war hero.
2013.03.12 06:00 AM

Thanks, Lex Brodie... Very Much.

The late Lex Brodie didn't just fix our tires, he broadcast his mahalos into our living rooms.
2013.03.10 06:00 AM

Q&A: Sen. Brian Schatz

Honolulu talks with U.S. Sen. Brian Schatz about his new job, how the Senate really operates and what his plans are for the Islands.
2013.03.06 06:00 AM

Keck Observatory 20th Anniversary

The W. M. Keck Observatory celebrates its 20th anniversary this month.
2013.03.05 06:00 AM

Unsolicited Advice: Replacing Macy's

We had been preparing unsolicited advice that the downtown Macy’s was overdue for a thorough remodeling. Before we could get that out, Macy’s announced in January it was closing the store.
2013.03.04 10:20 AM

Editor's Page: Two for Art

HONOLULU Magazine welcomes two new designers.
2013.03.01 06:00 AM

Illinois vs. Hawaii: The battle for Obama's presidential library

An underdog Hawaii committee hopes to land Barack Obama's eventual presidential library, and is getting a more-than-4-year headstart.
2013.03.01 06:00 AM

Best Dentists In Hawaii 2013

Whether it’s for a routine checkup or more specialized work, here's a list of 237 top dentists in the Islands.
2013.02.25 01:57 PM

Afterthoughts: What would you want your final words to be?

One Last Thing
2013.02.25 10:51 AM

Unsolicited Advice: Kamaaina Tours

Wouldn’t it be great if there were kamaaina versions of the tours themselves?
2013.02.21 06:40 AM

Parking in Honolulu

Here, we take a look into the world of parking in Honolulu.
2013.02.19 06:25 AM