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Number crunching: December and year-end stats

Sales and prices held steady in 2011
2012.01.09 11:12 AM

Decorative Throw Pillows

2012.01.09 11:02 AM

Print Condition

2012.01.09 09:01 AM

Rap: Hawaii’s Comic Genius

Famed Hawaii comedian Rap Reiplinger passed away 30 years ago, but his memory lives on through this new DVD.
2012.01.09 09:00 AM

Crop Sharing in Hana, Maui

A cooperative farm in Hana, Maui, shares the wealth among the community.
2012.01.09 09:00 AM

Decorative Throw Pillows

Fair & Square: Sprucing up your nest for 2012 doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank.
2012.01.09 09:00 AM

Honolulu's first urban rooftop farm

A certified organic, 28,000 square foot rooftop farm on top of AutoMart in Kakaako
2012.01.09 12:01 AM

Weekend Picks - Saturday, January 07, 2012

2012.01.07 09:00 AM

UH Takes Offensive Line on Coach's Salary

Hawaii Reporter's Jim Dooley is reporting that the University of Hawaii is refusing to release the salary of new UH football head coach.
2012.01.06 04:00 PM

Open house pick of the week: Ewa Sun Terra

Spacious home with room to grow
2012.01.06 11:03 AM

Double Take

2012.01.06 11:00 AM

Best of Lei Chic 2011: Snooze Control

2012.01.06 09:09 AM