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Retirement Planning and Living

Readying yourself for retirement can be a trying process. Start early, gain insight from family and friends, and look for a place where you can enjoy your golden years. Use these tips from local experts to make a plan and start your journey.
2012.05.10 12:56 PM

Food events: eat at the Okinawan drum festival, drink at a Burgundy or Chilean wine dinner

Wahiawa Pineapple Festival, Eisa Drum Festival, Chilean wine dinner and more.
2012.05.10 11:06 AM

Weekend Picks - May 10, 2012

2012.05.10 10:25 AM

More number crunching: First quarter analysis

Prudential Locations assesses the market, year to date
2012.05.10 09:51 AM

Reise Kochi: Upcoming Oahu Designer

Leather Forecast: Hot accessories ahead.
2012.05.10 09:30 AM

Rising Artists in Hawaii

There’s more to Hawaii’s contemporary art than ocean scenes and hula dancers. Check out these eight delectably collectible artists whose careers are gathering speed.
2012.05.10 09:30 AM

Pacific Resource Partnership Launches Honolulu Rail Support Campaign

The carpenters union seems to be going off the rails in Honolulu, Hawaii.
2012.05.09 02:56 PM

Rare features in a Waialae Iki home

Huge rim lot offers relaxing spaces
2012.05.09 11:21 AM

Is it ethical to eat meat?

A New York Times contest has this carnivore thinking about the ethics of meat.
2012.05.09 10:33 AM

Make a Scene

2012.05.09 10:00 AM

Unsolicited Advice for Landlords

Landlords of Honolulu, tear out your carpets! You and your tenants will be much happier.
2012.05.09 09:14 AM

Hawaii Education: Q&A with Don Horner and Kathryn Matayoshi

For more than a decade, HONOLULU Magazine has critically examined Hawaii's public education system. We sit down with two of the most influential people when it comes to Hawaii's public education.
2012.05.08 04:45 PM