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Slackline Practice at Aweoweo Beach Park

Oh, the Suspense: Slackline enthusiast Joe Segal keeps his balance at Aweoweo Beach Park.
2012.09.24 11:34 AM

Whiskey and Beer Back, Wine and Swine

Tuesday night events, one at Real a Gastropub, the other at Salt
2012.09.24 11:04 AM

Show Some Skincare

2012.09.24 10:44 AM

Most Wanted: September 2012

Now that fall is officially upon us, the Lei Chic team decided it was time to turn over a new leaf with brand new headshots.
2012.09.24 10:39 AM

Weekend Picks - Saturday, September 22, 2012

2012.09.22 06:00 AM

Wrong on Furlough Fridays

Mazie Hirono's campaign thinks we don't remember what happened.
2012.09.21 01:38 PM

Agriculture is Hawaii's smallest economic sector and shrinking

Data visualization of the last 20 years of agriculture in Hawaii
2012.09.21 12:16 PM

Open house pick of the week: Waialae Iki

A completely remodeled executive home
2012.09.21 11:10 AM

Neighborhood Watch

2012.09.21 09:30 AM

Mars vs. Venus in this Kaneohe retreat

One of the manliest homes in the world
2012.09.20 01:42 PM

Fall Book Recommendations for Honolulu Residents

These are the book recommendations for A Shark Going Inland Is My Chief by Patrick Vinton Kirch and We Go Jam by the Hawaii Council for the Humanities in our September 2012 issue.
2012.09.20 11:39 AM

Leave Us Alone, Kiosk People!

Ala Moana Center, we love you. Why are you trying to make us feel bad? Tone down the kiosk people.
2012.09.20 11:39 AM