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Field Guide: Koko Head Avenue

Discover quilting classes, kimono-inspired clothing, yoga mats and Swarovski crystals along this Kaimukī street.
2010.07.01 05:50 PM

Weekend Picks - July 1, 2010

2010.07.01 10:10 AM

Legislative Score Card

The 2010 legislative session is pau, so let’s recap the status of five environment-related bills and see how they did.
2010.06.30 09:53 PM

Earring Aid

2010.06.29 10:20 AM

Personal Best

This year, the Tinman Triathlon celebrates its 30th year. One athlete shares how it’s truly a race for everyone.
2010.06.28 05:06 PM

Secret Stash

Meet Lynn Davis, keeper of the rare books collection at UH.
2010.06.28 04:33 PM

Things to do in July in Hawaii

This month, treat yourself to a tasty hot dog, learn about Korean culture and beef up your rare coin collection.
2010.06.28 04:31 PM


2010.06.28 04:06 PM


...on grading the public schools, the next horrible shoe fad and Portland.
2010.06.28 04:05 PM

Editor's Page: Building Kapolei

Most people who live in Kapolei don’t work in Kapolei—but would really like to. How can we help?
2010.06.28 03:43 PM

Freezy Does It

2010.06.28 09:40 AM

Kiss the Cookbook

2010.06.25 09:58 AM