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Honolulu Holiday Gift Guide For Food Lovers

Bring these unique food-related items by Hawai‘i’s local makers to friends and your next holiday party.
2019.12.18 04:05 PM

The 10 Best Things To Do This Week

There’s still one weekend left before Christmas is here. Ditch the mall and shop local at a craft fair, don your favorite ugly sweater and sing along to your favorite R&B hits.
2019.12.18 07:00 AM

These Beach Towels Are Perfect Christmas Gifts for the Outdoor Adventurers in Your Life

With its fun locally designed prints and quick-dry fabric, Surfer Towel is soaking up water and attention fast.
2019.12.17 10:00 AM

Our Top 5 Things to Order at Lahaina Chicken Co.

(Sponsored) The fast-food chain is home to some of the Island’s best chicken, but there’s plenty of other good eats as well.
2019.12.17 09:00 AM