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Art of the Uke

2010.02.08 06:57 PM

Volunteer Tourism

Volunteer Tourism is a rising trend to get involved and help foreign countries, while playing tourist.
2010.02.08 06:45 PM

Our Town: J Salon

2010.02.08 06:37 PM

The Reel Story

Hawaii’s Reel Stories becomes Honolulu's outlet for local filmmakers and film lovers
2010.02.08 06:37 PM


2010.02.08 05:59 PM

Web Exclusive: Ha at the Polynesian Cultural Center is Worth the Trip

The center’s new show is less touristy than you’d think.
2010.02.08 04:59 PM

Can a Robot Save Kaimuki?

A Kaimuki neighborhood tries to solve its perpetual parking shortage with a proposed automated multi-tiered parking lot.
2010.02.08 04:17 PM

Afterthoughts: Wired, Connected and Lost

Thanks to the internet, we are living our lives online, despite being physically located in Hawaii. What does local mean again?
2010.02.08 04:05 PM

My Funny Valentine

2010.02.08 08:40 AM

Grading the Public Schools: What It Means

A profile of several schools in Honolulu, detailing their student performance, school quality, and faculty.
2010.02.05 02:59 PM

Get The Party Arted

2010.02.05 10:34 AM

Weekend Picks - February 4, 2010

2010.02.04 08:20 AM