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Easy Riders

2010.06.07 09:05 AM

Grease Lightening

2010.06.04 10:03 AM

Weekend Picks - June 3, 2010

2010.06.03 09:37 AM

Let Them Eat Cheesecake

2010.06.02 11:26 AM

Sponsored Edition: Smarts & The City

2010.06.02 08:24 AM

Why We Cover Public Schools The Way We Do

Some people in the public school establishment question why we are so critical of the schools. We answer some of those challenges here.
2010.06.01 07:23 PM

The Strange Stories of Hollywood Filming in Hawai‘i

From plastic palm trees to on-set pranks, from fake languages to obstinate water buffalo, intrepid humor writer Charles Memminger uncovered the funniest, strangest tales of Island moviemaking.
2010.06.01 05:14 PM

Kamehameha IV and the Shooting of Henry Neilson

Alexander Liholiho shot one of his closest friends, leaving physical and emotional wounds from which neither man would recover.
2010.06.01 04:52 PM

Tough Love

With 8,277 people on probation on Oahu for felonies, along came a revolutionary program called HOPE—the first of its kind in the nation—and now it’s not just helping probationers, it’s transforming law enforcement.
2010.06.01 02:48 PM

Dining: The Boys are Back in Town

A wave of Island chefs headed to the Mainland for training. What will happen now that they’re home?
2010.06.01 02:21 PM

Best Doctors in Hawaii 2010

The list of the 325 best doctors in Hawaii was determined by the doctors themselves.
2010.06.01 04:17 AM

Beauty School Knock Outs

2010.05.31 06:07 PM