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Tees for Two

2010.09.03 10:13 AM

Editor's Page: Trains Kill Buses

Twenty years of urban rail expansion in Los Angeles has done nothing to improve traffic and a lot to strangle bus service.
2010.09.02 06:35 PM

A Real Pet Peeve

Honolulu is not a particularly pet-friendly place for would-be renters, which is odd given the fact that, according to the Hawaii Humane Society, more than 60 percent of Oahu households have pets. For every 15 listings I’ve perused, there’s only one that allows pets, and it’s either cost prohibitive or comes with a myriad of restrictions (size limit, breed limit, outside-pets only). After seeing the SORRY, NO PETS tag line a few too many times, I started looking beyond the classifieds, and found a few helpful resources.
2010.09.02 01:17 PM

Weekend Picks - September 2, 2010

2010.09.02 10:18 AM

Lofty Aspirations in Honolulu’s Chinatown

A new artists’-lofts complex in the 109-year-old Mendonca Building is bringing renewed energy to the downtown arts scene.
2010.09.01 06:33 PM

Welcome to Honolulu Real Estate

Walk up to any group of friends or coworkers chatting in Hawaii and there’s a good chance they’re talking about real estate. This is an incredibly beautiful, incredibly expensive place to
2010.09.01 05:57 PM

Reinventing the Eel

2010.09.01 10:13 AM

Get Reel

2010.08.31 10:52 AM

A Preview of the September Issue

In our September issue, see the 25 most expensive homes in Hawaii.
2010.08.30 08:00 PM

Shutter Smug

2010.08.30 10:34 AM

Take It Outside

2010.08.27 10:36 AM

Weekend Picks - August 26, 2010

2010.08.26 10:46 AM