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Our 10 Most Popular Stories in 2014

As 2014 comes to a close, we take some to time reflect on our most popular stories of the year.
2014.12.17 06:00 AM

6 Must-Attend Events This Week: December 18-21

Enjoy a holiday ballet classic on stage, watch a Christmas boat parade and dance to funk music.
2014.12.15 03:17 PM

5 Must-Attend Events This Week: December 10-14

Run a marathon, watch environmental films and listen to music from a Grammy-winning artist.
2014.12.10 07:28 PM

Why Did Larry Ellison Really Decide Not to Hold the America’s Cup in Hawai‘i?

Our cup runneth elsewhere—but why?
2014.12.02 02:38 PM

A Look Into the Life of One of Hawai‘i’s Best-Known Art Collectors: Michael Horikawa

We visited the home of Michael Horikawa, whose art collection comprises 150 paintings, 120 ‘umeke (calabashes), about 200 figurines and a cabinet of items related to the Hawaiian monarchy.
2014.12.02 01:30 PM

This Week’s Best Events: 12/1 – 12/7

Attend concerts, run trails and enjoy the Honolulu City Lights.
2014.12.01 03:23 PM

7 Must-Attend Events: November 25-29

This week: Shop for Hawai‘i-made items, dance to electronic music and watch a film about the art of tango.
2014.11.24 01:00 PM

8 More Volunteer Ideas in Hawai‘i

This holiday season, reach out and help those in need.
2014.11.24 11:53 AM

6 Must-Attend Events: November 17-23

This week: Watch a Broadway musical, enjoy a unconventional fashion show and learn about the state’s most endangered historic places.
2014.11.18 11:35 AM

5 Must-Attend Events: November 11-30

This week: Watch Hawaiian films, enjoy a classic children’s book on stage and glide to dubstep music.
2014.11.11 12:06 PM

Rare, Unseen Footage to be Unveiled at Upcoming Hawaiian Film Festival

How filmmaker Ann Marie Kirk found the missing piece to her film puzzle, online Museum theater showcases quality and quirky films throughout the year.
2014.11.06 10:42 AM

7 Must-Attend Events: November 4 - 9

This week, admire Hawai’i fashion, watch local films and dine on dishes from 14 award-winning restaurants under the stars.
2014.11.03 12:17 PM
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