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Memory is a funny thing. In Afterthoughts, I complained that the new visitor center reveals architect Alfred Preis’ abstract “tree of life” design from the memorial too soon, by duplicating it on the grounds of the visitor center.

Rupp reminds me that the old visitor center did so, too. It was off to the side of the main entrance. In fact, the panel shown here is an exact duplicate it.

I stand corrected, but still feel it gets too much prominence—and I remain speechless over the juxtaposition of the panel’s quiet dignity with the Disneyesque recreation of the “Crossroads of the Pacific” sign from 1940s Waikiki. “That was not a Portico choice,” Rupp says diplomatically.

As Rupp explains, the new location of the “tree of life” panel centers and anchors the new visitor center.

OK. I’m warming to it. But that sign …