Salaries by Job Title: How Much Money Does Everyone Earn in Hawai‘i?

Everyone wants to know how much money everyone else makes—even more now given the gloomy economy. Take a look and find out how your paycheck stacks up.


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Timothy Johns, CEO and president, Bishop Museum
This reflects museum wide-pay reductions.

Dr. Allen Allison, vice president of sciences, Bishop Museum. This reflects a pay reduction.

Sarah Richards, president of the Hawai‘i Theatre Center. This is only Richards’ base salary.

Von Orgill, president of the Polynesian Cultural Center, according to PCC’s 990 tax form from

$500 per act
Local musicians
This number is for a three-hour performance at the Outrigger Reef hotels, regardless of how many performers are in the band. 

$1,800 to $2,140 per month
Adult Company Actor, Honolulu Theatre for Youth Actors are paid for their performances, anywhere from six weeks to 12 months. HTY is the only theater company in the state that employs full-time actors.


Louis Kealoha, Honolulu Police Department police chief. Kealoha become the HPD Chief in 2009. The position received an 8 percent salary increase in 2008.

Honolulu Police Department officer, recruit

HPD officer, with 20 years of experience.

Deputy sheriff, recruit

$44,412 to $68,388
Deputy sheriff, lieutenant

Adult corrections officer, recruit

$57,660 to $71,184
Adult corrections officer, captain

Kenneth Silva, Honolulu Fire Department chief
Silva received an 8 percent salary increase in 2008.

Fire recruit
A recruit usually becomes a firefighter after one year of service.

Firefighter, starting

Firefighter, with 20 years experience.

$70,824 to $79,656
Fire captain, depending on years of experience.

Mark Bennett, attorney general. This is after a 5 percent pay reduction in 2009. This does not include an additional pay reduction as a result of mandated furloughs.

U.S. District Court judge

Ronald Moon, chief justice, Hawaii State Supreme Court. Moon will retire in September, when he turns 70. He has been the longest serving chief justice since statehood, serving 17 years. His salary is after a 5 percent pay reduction.

Associate justice, Hawaii State Supreme Court
This is after a 5 percent pay reduction.

Court reporter, Honolulu average, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Peter Carlisle, Honolulu city prosecutor. Carlisle received a 9 percent salary increase in 2008.

Jack Tonaki, state public defender. This is after a five percent pay reduction and furloughs.

Deputy public defender, starting. This is after a 5 percent pay reduction and furloughs.

Lawyer, Honolulu average, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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