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Salaries by Job Title: How Much Money Does Everyone Earn in Hawai‘i?

Everyone wants to know how much money everyone else makes—even more now given the gloomy economy. Take a look and find out how your paycheck stacks up.


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$8 per hour
Salesperson, Raging Isle Surf & Cycle (no commission)

$12.57 to $13.70 per hour
Sales consultant, AT&T
Consultants can earn up to $1,200 more per month in commissions.

$9 to $15 per hour
Cashier, Foodland

$16 to $25 per hour
Top jewelry sales associates (including commissions), Maui Divers Jewelry


$39,480 to $60,744
Building construction inspector

$51,936 to $79,992
Chief building inspector

$38.95 per hour
Heat and frost insulator and allied workers

$31.15 per hour
Cement worker

$33.60 per hour
Roofer, shingle or tile worker

$36.10 per hour
Crane operator, waterfront dredging

$28.93 per hour
Concrete-mixing truck driver, Hawaiian Cement

$35.19 per hour
Hot liquid asphalt tanker driver, Grace Pacific Corp.

Real estate broker, Honolulu average, according to the U.S. Bureau of Statistics.


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$25,518 to $38,277
Security screener, Honolulu International Airport

$7.25 to $9 per hour
Parking structure attendant, Honolulu International Airport

$72,000 per year (including commissions)
Car salesperson, starting, Tony Group

$100,000 per year (including commissions)
Top-grossing salesperson, Tony Group

$12 per hour
Car mechanic,  Manoa Service Station, starting

$19 per hour
Car mechanic, Manoa Service Station, top scale

Vehicle service attendant, starting, Enterprise Rent-a-Car

$9 per hour
Mover, M. Dyer & Sons

UPS delivery truck driver

$21.31 per hour
Hawaii letter carrier, starting, U.S. Postal Service
Letter carriers also receive an additional 25 percent cost-of-living allowance.

$23.96 per hour
Driver, TheBus, after five years of service.

Taxi driver, Honolulu average, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Drivers for TheCab are independent contractors, so they pay TheCab $500 to $600 for a monthly dispatch service and keep their earnings.

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