Salaries by Job Title: How Much Money Does Everyone Earn in Hawai‘i?

Everyone wants to know how much money everyone else makes—even more now given the gloomy economy. Take a look and find out how your paycheck stacks up.


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James Donovon, UH athletic director
Donovan took a 7 percent pay cut in July.

Greg McMackin, UH head football coach
When McMackin was hired in January 2008, his  almost $1.1 million salary—a combination of taxpayer dollars and private donations—made him the state’s highest-paid employee.

Dave Shoji, UH head women’s volleyball coach

$53,820 to $107,640
Charlie Wade, UH head men’s volleyball coach
The UH Athletic Department would only provide a range for Wade’s position.

$50,712 to $80,676
Ronn Miyashiro, UH head men’s golf coach
The UH Athletic Department would only provide a range for Miyashiro’s position.

$25 to $35 per hour
Personal trainer, Honolulu Club.
This doesn’t include monthly bonuses.

Athletic trainers,
Honolulu average, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

$9.50 to $11 an hour
Ocean safety guide, Hans Hedemann Surf School.
Guides get in the water with students but don’t instruct.

$125 per day for three two-hour lessons
Licensed surfing instructor, Hans Hedemann Surf School
Ocean safety guides and instructors must have lifeguard and CPR licenses.


M.R.C. Greenwood, UH president.
This reflects a 10 percent pay cut in August 2009.

Virginia Hinshaw, UH Manoa chancellor
This reflects a pay cut in August 2009.

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Aviam Soifer, dean of the UH William S. Richardson School of Law

$152, 280
Paula Mochida, the interim UH librarian

Chatt Wright, Hawaii
Pacific University president, provided by

$69,996 to $233,328
UH professor. This is the salary range of a full, 9-month-appointment professor, not including those who teach law or medicine. It also reflects a 6.6 percent pay reduction set this January.

$69,996 to $104,603
UH community college professor This is the salary range of a full, 9-month appointment professor. It also reflects a 6.6 percent pay reduction set this January.

Kamehameha Schools trustee

Diane Plotts, chair of the Board of Trustees, Kamehameha Schools

Betty White, headmaster, Sacred Hearts Academy

$36,591 to $69,235
Teacher, Sacred Hearts Academy

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