Beach Chic

This Kailua home mixes relaxed oceanfront living with a sophisticated style, making it a resort for two.


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The house is full of modern gems such as the Holly Hunt coffee table, designed by John Houshmand, and the Michael Berman end tables.

Photo by Olivier Koning

Interior designer Jamie Jasina says, “one of the first things the owner told us was that they like a lot of color. They like playfulness.”

Looking into the house from the beach, the entire place appears to be a single room, an elegant layout that actually took quite a bit of time to hash out. The architects and owners spent a year on the design alone, much of it in refining the original sketch, and figuring out the subtleties of social interaction within the spaces.

The custom kitchen island, for example, was carefully angled to allow natural conversation between the cook and someone watching television, or at the dining table, or even in the living room by the fireplace, and at the same time offering up the million-dollar ocean view to each respective position.

Above: A custom-designed concrete countertop fabricated by Lokahi Stone defines the kitchen area.
Tip:  Floating shelves and Venetian plaster give the master bathroom the feel of a spa.
Below: The entire master bedroom is fronted by windows, for a spectacular view of the beach. Black-out shades roll down to give privacy when needed.

Photos by Olivier Koning

Design-wise, the house is full of singular, modern touches. The long main interior space is anchored on both sides by eye-catching, complementary set pieces: The swooping, multisegment poured-concrete kitchen island at one end, and an outsize blocky fireplace at the other.

PVA interior design manager Jamie Jasina says, “One of the first things [the owners] told us was that they like a lot of color. They like playfulness. Our job was to do that in a sophisticated way, without being kitschy.” Wood stains and Venetian plaster finishes helped give areas such as the master bathroom the feel of an upscale spa.

At the same time, the architects were careful not to make anything too tony. The owners’ oft-repeated mantra was, “Not SoHo.”  Natural materials throughout ensure that the place doesn’t lose its beach cottage roots. A cedar shingle roof in favor of a metal standing-seam one, Honduran and African mahogany trim throughout, and a range of natural-grain flooring products, including coconut in the master bedroom—all contribute to a relaxed, friendly feel.

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