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5 Helpful Tips for Exploring Your Potential New Campus

Get a real sense of your child’s private-school options by digging deep into a campus visit.

What Does Accreditation Mean for Your Child?

More than seals and acronyms, accreditation is an important factor in choosing the right school.

Here’s How Hawai‘i Schools Are Encouraging Students to Follow Their Passions

Molding kids into well-rounded students no longer means just checking a list of activities. Educators are encouraging students to follow their passions for nature, volunteering, music and more, resulting in more meaningful and creative learning.

How Social-Emotional Learning Plays an Important Part in Local Schools

Grades matter, but schools today find that social-emotional skills are more important than ever.

How Hawai‘i’s Independent Schools are Evolving in the 21st Century

Educators say today’s constantly changing, technology-driven society requires different skills to survive college and beyond. Here’s how. ​

How Hawai‘i’s Independent Schools are Tackling the Problem of Learning Differences Between Boys and Girls

The gender equation.

Early Education: How Schools Are Jumpstarting Childrens’ Learning, Even Before the First Grade

Here are what some of Hawai‘i’s independent schools are doing to jumpstart your child’s love of learning.

Hawai‘i’s Independent Schools are Finding Ways to Teach the Right Stuff

Being good 101.

How Schools Are Changing to Meet 21st Century Needs

Local private schools incorporate new skills to prepare students for the future.
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