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The kids who stand out, stress out, struggle, or fear school. These are Assets students, and they have been for 62 years.  At Assets, exceptional kids who do things differently find a place to cultivate their strengths, realize their dreams, and get the education they deserve.


Kids that don’t fit the mold—those are Assets kids. Smart kids who learn differently can change the world. At Assets, we make sure they do. 


Assets school


Parents know: 

  • Does your happy, bright child come home unhappy and angry after school? 

  • Does she hide in the bathroom to do her homework, or memorize the words rather than read them? 

  • Do you worry that school is crushing his bright, inquisitive spirit? 


Learning differences often go undetected in traditional classrooms. Sometimes they’re misidentified as emotional rather than academic struggles. Maybe the child is dyslexic or gifted or both. There’s nothing wrong with these kids; they just see things differently. At Assets, we know that’s a gift, not a detriment. 


Assets is what a school should be—a place where strengths-based curriculum brings out students’ natural curiosity, where they can develop their talents and gifts in previously unimagined ways. 


Assets school


No kids “fall through the cracks” at Assets. No students are invisible. 


  • Over 50% of high school students participate in sports.

  • Students compete academically in events on O‘ahu, around the state, and across the country.  

  • High school internships pair students with local businesses, learning hands-on skills and nurturing career plans.

  • Over 95% of our high school graduates go to college across the Mainland, while the remaining graduates pursue entrepreneurial or gap-year experiences before continuing their education. 


Assets school


We’ve got this. Come take a look.

Assets is the only school of its kind in the Pacific, and one of just a handful around the world. Your child and your family don’t have to struggle. Maybe we can help. 


Assets school


Lower Campus (Grades K–8) One Ohana Nui Way, Hon., HI 96818  High School Campus (9–12) 913 Alewa Drive, Hon., HI 96817, (808) 423-1356,


Assets school