Terence Q.L. Young, D.D.S.

Specialty: General Dentistry 

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Terence Young

As part of our interconnected body systems, our airways must be clear to prevent many serious health issues. Our mouths and facial structures can indicate larger health problems through grinding and fractured teeth, tongue size and position, gum-line notches, acid erosion, under-developed facial structures and snoring. Research connects them to conditions from high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and stroke to obstructive sleep apnea, depression, Alzheimer’s disease and others. Dental care today must go beyond the treatment of cavities, restorations and gum disease.


Our commitment to continuous care for your teeth now includes checking for these additional signs and symptoms. We work collaboratively with your physician and also provide referrals to our growing network of medical specialists who understand the importance of the dental-medical connection.


Our practice remains grounded in many time- tested techniques, while embracing proven new cutting edge technologies. Let us help you with your dental health care needs.


Thank you to my colleagues for this honor and recognition.